History of Da Boys

In the Beginning: As some of you may know, this group did not start due to a preplanned act born out of deliberate motives from any one person or group of people.

It was born out of the love for our fellow classmates when in 2003 one of our friends passed away. When Brown Logan died, several Campbell graduates met after his funeral and saw the value of seeing old friends again for the first time in many, many years.

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They decided to get together again for lunch and relive some good old times and enjoy the past for which they had fond memories. As it turned out only three of them met at the first gathering and had lunch at Howard’s

The second time there were seven in attendance. But by chance there were two other Campbell graduates eating lunch at Howard’s, not knowing of the group meeting. They joined the group and then there were nine.

At this point it was decided we would set a date and time for a monthly luncheon. Each month we would meet at Howard’s (now meeting at Golden Corral) on the first Tuesday of every month at 11:30am. We all agreed that no matter the circumstances that would be the day and time and if you were available just drop by and have lunch with whoever came that month.

Click to enlargeThe following two months five came. The next month eight. The next month 15. Then 18. AT this point with nothing but word of mouth the ball began to roll. The word got out that we were enjoying each other’s company so much and the bonding within the group began to grow out of LOVE for each other that the attendance began to grow to the current level that we are averaging between 60 and 70 a month.

When most of us leave Howard’s, after having enjoyed each other’s company, we leave on a high that is unbelievable. Our feelings for each other and the fun we have has been uplifting for the lack of a better word.

Since the group started we have had several Campbell coaches, a Campbell principal, and Campbell teachers attend the lunches. We have had a logo designed, Tee shirts, ball caps and golf shirts made with Da Boys logo.

There are graduates from Smyrna High School, Fitzhugh Lee High School, Marietta High School and Ellijay High School who now attend the lunches. People have attended from as far away as the state of Washington.

We have established an e-mail connection with over 200 Campbell graduates, which keeps them informed on the activities and health of other friends.

A prayer list has been established for our sick friends and loved ones.

Each month a picture is given to those who come back the following month.

Several of Da Boys have even started meeting for breakfast at Ken’s Corner Grill on the day of the lunch. They practically spend the day with each other with breakfast and lunch.

The monthly lunches have now been going on for 13 years and the group is averaging approximately 50 to 60 each month.

We have also started a “Memorial Brick” campaign honoring those classmates who have passed away since we started.

After meeting there for almost 12 years, Howard's was sold and the search for a new meeting place began. Several places were tried but we finally settled on the Golden Corral on Austell Rd.

So we would be honored for any who have not attended a lunch to come join us on the first Tuesday of each month at 11:00am.

Goooooo Panthers.