Sgt. Glenn Edward Black, US Army, 1969-1971 I was in the 3rd Brigade, 9th Inf. Div., 2nd Battalion/60th Inf. Spent part of the time in the Mekong Delta, then went in with the 1st Cav. on the Cambodian invasion in May of 70. Was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with Oak leaf cluster along with several other Vietnam service medals. The one medal I cherish above all, and is worn above all, is my C.I.B... Combat Infantry Badge. You only get it one way, being actively engaged in combat. It doesn't matter if you're a general, if you've never been in actual combat, you'll never get one.

When I returned to the states I served with the 1st Inf. Div (The Big Red One). Just an ole ground pounder. Now I'm an active member of the Smyrna American Legion Post 160.

SSgt Jim Blackburn, USAFR, 1954-1962 My military service is 8 years total in the Georgia Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force Reserve. My rank was Staff Sergeant. I served from 1954 until 1962. Several others of the 1954 class served beginning in our senior year. Those in other classes also joined the service around that time. We made our decision when it appeared we would be classified as I A and expected to be drafted upon graduation. Joining the Air National Guard gave us a choice in service. Colonel Arthur Bacon was our commanding officer. Many of us tell stories of our experience in the Air National Guard at our monthly meetings.

E-5 Ted Cochran, USN, 1965-1969 Communications Technician CT2

Boot Camp, U.S. Naval Training Center, San Diego, Calif.
Defense Language Institute, West Coast, Monterey, Calif. (Russian)
Cryptology School, NAVRADSTA Skaggs Island, California
S.E.R.E. (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School, Warner Springs, Calif.

Served in California, Philippines, Vietnam, Hawaii:

Service in the Philippines was at NAVCOMSTA PHIL, San Miguel., while in the Phillipines I played third base for the Subic Bay Renegades In the Manila Bay League (Big Leagues of the Phillipines, roughly equivalent to AA pro ball in the U.S., seven pro teams and one Navy team). Our home field was Rizol Stadium in Manila. My younger brother Shawn (CHS 66) was the catcher.

In Vietnam I was attached to Marine Air Group 11 in Danang. I flew recon missions as an "Air Crewman" on EC121 "Willie Victors" in support of Navy and Marine combat missions.

In Hawaii (last duty station) I was at Pearl Harbor and served on the staff of Admiral Frank Hyland (CINCPACFLT), Sen. John McCain's Father was CINCPAC at the time and his office was on a nearby Marine Base.

The U.S.S. Pueblo Incident, and the U.S.S. Liberty Incident both happened during my time in the Navy.

I was awarded the following:
    Air Medal (two)
    Vietnam Service Medal
    Vietnam RVN Campaign Medal Navy
    Unit Commendation National
     Defense Service Medal
    Air Crewman Wings

THE REAL HEROS: In April of 1969 (after I was transferred to Hawaii), Deep Sea 21 was shot down by two migs over the sea of Japan. All 31 members of the crew (my shipmates) perished.

These men never got to experience, for the most part, being husbands, fathers, grandfathers, and also the joy of fellowship with highschool classmates and hometown friends. I will remember them always.

OSCS(E8) Ronald Crowe, USN, 1957-1980 Three tours in vietnam on three different ships. Two seperate rocket attacks while ashore in Danang. Presently acting as a Docent on board USS Midway CV 41 in San Siego Ca.

SSgt William Deaton, USAF, 1954-1963 Called to active duty during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

AT3 Herbert Eubanks, USN, 1953-1957 Served in Navy Reserve, went on active duty in Jan '55 and released Jan '57.Station at Millington Tn at the Naval Air Techinal Trainimg for ten months and transferred to Corry Field, Pensacola, Fl. for the remaining fourteen months. Finished required 4 years service inthe fall '57, at least I QUIT. Met my future wife in Pensacola and married Apr. 13, 1957.

A01 John Hayworth USNR 1961-1969 [Bill, DO NOT edit, because this is all true.]
I was on a flight crew for seven years , in patrol squadron VP 672, sub chasers. We would go to N.A.S. JAX on occasion to help VP-5 , the Mad Fox[es].They just couldn't get everything done by themselves. I didn't run into nor did I know Bill Pilcher was in VP-5, he was probably on the beach with one of those drinks with the little umbrella in it, while we were doing the heavy lifting, as usual. I was on active duty six months, one day. We were in Willow Grove , Pa.1963, and received notice that we were to be activated. We were told to pack our skivvies, load the planes, call mama and tell her we're not coming home. The next morning ,while waiting on the tarmac and crying, we were told to stand down. That was my extra day active duty. I spent the next six years, 2-3 times a month pulling STARPS [extra duty flights]. We would venture to places like Maine,to pick up lobsters, all the islands in the Caribbean , to get liquor and rum, to Las Vegas to lose money. It was tough, so we adopted the battle cry " somebody has to do it'.

[ed note: Johnny, I'm sure it's all true, just as it's true we always headed for Mai Thais at the beach when you guys flew down. It was just too dangerous to be within ten miles of the runways. But we always appreciated the freshly painted hangar and clean shiny planes you left us.]

CPL E-4 George Jenkins, USMC, 1959-1967 Joined USMCR in June 1959. Spent 3 months @ Boot Camp Parris Island, SC. 3 months @ Mechanical Fundamental School @ NAS Jacksonville, Fl. Spent 4 1/2 years Active Reserve @ NAS Atlanta. 3 years inactive and discharged in 1967


E4 Jerry Mason, USAF, 1962-1966 I spent 4 years in the Air Police: 1 yr in Security and 3 as the Desk Sgt. in Base Police. Stationed at Grand Forks AFB, Grand Forks, North Datoka. Received a Honorable Discharge for my service.

SP4 JAMES (JIM) MOSS, US Army, 1959-1961 A great two years. I married my wife Kay Alexander (Class of 58) a short 51 years ago while in the Army.


SP-4 Douglas Pharr, US Army, 1963-1966 I spent 13 months in Korea serving as a radio relay operator for the 38th Artillery Brigade.

AT2 William C. (Bill) Pilcher, USN, 1959-1963 Sworn in on Sep 16, 1959 in the old Sears building on Ponce de Leon. Went to Boot Camp in San Diego then Avionics school in Millington, TN.  Followed by "Julie/Jez" ASW operations school in Norfolk, VA. Assigned to Patrol Squadron Five "Mad Foxes" based at NAS Jacksonville, FL.  Served as 2nd Tech then 1st Tech on LA8 flight crew.  Deployed to Keflavik, Iceland in Oct 1961.  Lost a plane and crew (LA9) in Jan 1962.  Plane was found 4 1/2 years later by British geological expedition where it had crashed on Kronborg Glacier, Greenland. Deployed to NAS Rosie Roads, PR in Oct 1962 to participate in the Cuban blockade.  Deployed to Sigonella, Sicily in April 1963 and discharged in August 1963.  Had the time of my life -- so far at least. GO NAVY!!!

Captain James (Jim) Pitts, US Army, 1969-1971 Active Duty 1969-1970 Ft Belvoir, Virginia 1970-1971 40th Dental Detachment,Vietnam

LTJG Allen Potter, USN, 1963-1967 I had finished at Mercer Univ in Aug 1963 and was working at Lockheed trying to decide what to do next. The draft board decided for me in November. A navy recruiter called two days after I got the draft notice, I signed up and was off to boot camp in San Diego a week later (the same week JFK was killed). In mid-Jan 1964 I got orders to OCS in Newport, RI (the coldest place I had ever been). After finishing there in June, I attended communications school in Charleston, SC, then reported to the USS Bennington (CVS-20) in Long Beach, CA. That was my home for the next 3 years. During that time we made two six-month deployments to the Western Pacific so I got to see a lot of the world that I otherwise would not have seen (Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Thailand). In between deployments we spent about a year in the shipyard in Long Beach so had lots of weekends to explore southern California. I made lots of new friends and though we all complained about the navy\'s nit-picking, it was a great experience. I think the USA would be better off today if our youth had to serve and thereby benefit from the experience, discipline and maturing that comes with it.

Cpl E-4 Robert Presley, USMC, 1957-1964 joined reserves 7-14-57 joined USMC regulars 11-1960 until 12-1962 then reserves until 7-13-1964: total Regular Service 2 years and 8 months

E4/E8 Charles Pritchett, USMC/USAF, 1956-1960/1975-1994 I joined the Marine Corps in 1955. Served 3 years as a regular and was obligated for 8 years. Served 5 years in the Marine Reserves. Most of my time in the Marines was at El Toro Marine Base in Tustin, California as a jet mechanic. I left the Marine Corps with the rank of Sgt. E-4. In 1975 I joined the Georgia Air National Guard and was in Motor Pool for one year. Was then transferred to Services and was there for 18 years. I was activated during Desert Storm (1991) for approximately one year. Retired in 1994 as a Senior Master Sgt. E-8. While in the Air National Guard had the opportunity to travel state side and overseas on many occasions. Served total of 27 years, 8 months and 20 days.

SSgt Charles Rakestraw, USAF, 1963-1967 Basic Training Lackland AFB San Antonia Texas Tech School Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls Texas Sembach AFB Sembach Germany Toul-Rosieres AFB Toul Rosieres France

SP5 Randy Ramey, US Army, 1966-1968(Personal Accounting Specialist) Spent 17 months in Frankfurt, Germany

SGT Mark Reed, US Army, 1969-1971 Basic Training at Ft. Knox Kentucky; Advanced Infantry at Ft. Polk, LA; Medical Admin Training, Ft. Sam, TX; U.S. Embassy Diplomatic Medical Mission, Bangkok, Thailand. Vietnam Campaign Medal Vietnam Service Medal National Defense Medal

SP5 Brian Sanders, US Army, 1966-1968 Draftee, Vietnam 67-68

Sgt Haywood Savage, USMC, 1965-1971 Going into the Marine Corps was the best, Semper Fi

1st LT Donald Sellers, US Army, 1966-1970

SP4 Frank Smith, US Army, 1957-1959 Paratrooper of 82nd Airborne Division with 24 static line jumps and charter member of first Army free fall club later named Golden Knights. However, I was discharged before I was able to make a free fall.

Lt. Col. Charles Switzer, USAF, 1955-1973 3 years active duty, stationed in Germany. Rest of the time was in National Guard and Air Force Reserves. Ending year was 1976

SP4 Jim Taylor, US Army, 1966-1972 X-Ray Technician for 18 months at 30th Field Hospital, Augsburg Germany, USAREUR.

SGT Joe Taylor, US Army, 1964-1970 Took Basic training @ Ft. Jackson, SC June 1964-August 1964 Drill Sgts were like Lee Emmery in "Full Metal Jacket"! A sparrow got inside the gas chamber and died and they made us dig a 6x6 and held a military funeral! One morning we double timed 6 and a half miles out and 6and a half back. I'll never forget that! I had never seen a " Beer Garden" until Ft. Jackson! Took Signal School Training @ Ft. Gordon, GA in fall of 1964. Persimmons were turning near the barracks and we had some fun with our "Yankee" friends tasting them!

5 Summer field training camps at Ft. Stewart, GA AKA Camp Swampy and Viet Nam East! saw a Mounted Review with tanks ! WOW! Also, this place had Rattlesnakes 9 and 10 ft long! We killed many 9 footers! One hot and miserable place! Wouldn't take nothing for my experiences but some were not funny at the time! The Military taught me self confidence, teamwork, and respect for authority! Joe Taylor

StfSgt E5 Richard Tuttle, USAF, 1963-1969 Joined The Air Force Reserve in 1963, spent the last year on active duty when Dobbins was activated in 1968 and was discharged January 1969.

Command Chief Master Sergeant (E9) James Mike West, US Army, 1969-1971, USAF 1975-2006 Served 2 years active duty in the Army as a Military Policeman then enlisted in the Air Force Reserve Program and spent 31 years as Air Transportation Specialist, then in 2005 was selected to serve as the Wing Command Chief for the Wing Commander of the 94th Air Wing Dobbins before retiring in 2006.

U.S. Army 1969-1971
Military Police Ft. Benning, Ga,Ft. McPherson, Ga and Ft. Lee, Va

U. S. Air Force Reserves 1975-2006
94th Air Wing
Dobbins Air Reserve Base
Retired Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant(E-9)

Colonel Charles R. (Pete) Wood, US Army, 1955-1985  Commissioned into the Army from ROTC as a 2nd Lt, after graduation from College in 1955. Entered the Army on the 6 months active duty plan, then served for the next 30 years in the Army Reserves. Pulled active duty one weekend a month during those 30 years and spent three weeks each summer in active duty, in addition to other training and workshop duties. Retired out of the Reserves in 1985 with the rank of Colonel. Still in touch with some Reservist friends, although a lot of them have passed away.