SSgt Anthony J.Henry, USMC
Marine Attack Squadron 331
MCAS Beaufort, S.C., 1967-71

HMLA 773
NAS Atlanta, 1986-2001
I joined the Marine Corps in June, 1967, on the 120 day delayed entry program so I would have my last summer to party with my friends. I talked Doug Bailey(CHS66), Billy Buice (WHS67) and Steve Wright (PHS67) into joining with me. Doug Bailey and I had attended Southern Tech and were burned out. We decided the Marine Corps was the place we needed to be, and we talked Billy and Steve into joining with us. They both had just graduated from Wills and Pebblebrook. They had attended Campbell as Sophomores, but were forced to go to Wills and Pebblebrook when they became high schools.

My best friend, Mike Glenn (CHS66) refused to join with me. He told me only an idiot would join the Marine Corps during those crucial times. He continued on at Southern Tech and got his associate degree and shortly thereafter got drafted into the Army and killed several months later in Viet Nam.

I attended boot camp at Parris Island, S.C., infantry training at Camp Geiger, N.C., then Avionics School in Memphis.

My first duty station was MCAS Beaufort, S.C., Marine Attack Squadron 331. I worked on /nav on the A-4 Skyhawk aircraft. I had orders for Viet Nam 3 times, but twice they were canceled because someone with my MOS volunteered ahead of me. The third time they were canceled because my whole unit was sent onboard the USS Independence to the Mediterranean. We took part in the Jordanian Crisis of 1970. Me and 7 other Marines stayed onboard the tanker, USS Coloosahatchee, during the Crisis. Spent almost a year shipboard. Returned to MCAS Beaufort in 1971, and got off active duty on Sept. 10, 1971, with the rank of Sgt with a year's time in grade.

Joined the Marine Reserves in March of 1975, and quit after one weekend. After having been active duty, the reserves were a culture shock.

Rejoined the Marine Reserves in Nov. 1986, at the age of 38. I was assigned to NAS Atlanta to a helicopter squadron, HMA 773, which had Cobra helicopters (AH1J's). Learned to work on Cobras, then became career planner for my unit.

In Nov. 1990, we were activated and sent to the Persian Gulf. We left San Diego on ships. I was assigned to the USS Tripoli. We stopped at Hawaii and then the Philippines on the way to the Gulf. Upon entering the Persian Gulf, I was transferred to the USS Juneau, then to the USS New Orleans. When the ground war started, my unit was sent on shore to Tanajib, Saiudi Arabia. From there we were on station close to the Saudi/Kuwait border. Our helicopters took an active part in the war. We returned to the states via C-5's in April, 1991.

I continued with the reserves. Our squadron was redesignated HMLA 773, and we acquired HU1E helicopters, also. I was Career Planner, Avionics SNCOIC, Maintenance Controller during the remainder of my time in the reserves. I managed to hold on until I had a good 20 years for retire.

Retired from active reserves in Dec. 2001 with a total of 23 years service with the rank of SSgt with many years time in grade! Proud to have served my country in the uniform of a United States Marine. God bless America.

 Tony Henry CHS66